Watercolors and color pencils

City Mouse and Country Mouse by Jeff Crosby
Faces magazine

I recently created these four illustrations for Faces magazine. They are all Aesop’s Fables with a modern twist in the imagery. This first one is City Mouse and Country Mouse. I am continuing with my experimentation with watercolors and colored pencils and am pretty happy with the results for this piece.

Belling the Cat by Jeff Crosby
Faces magazine

Up till this illustration, I had only used a yellow wash for the underpainting when using this technique. Because this image depicts mice in a dark hole, I thought I’d try using a blue wash. It worked pretty well. This fable is Belling the Cat. The moral is: mice look ridiculous in WWII uniforms.

Monkey and the Fox by Jeff Crosby
Faces magazine

For this image I used a pink wash because of the sunset lighting. I’d never heard this fable before. Something about an ape and a fox traveling through a cemetery and the ape bragging about his dead ancestors. The moral is: don’t ride with a driving chimp.

The Fox Without a Tail by Jeff Crosby
Faces magazine

I used a mauve wash here and don’t think it was as successful. However, I do like the simplicity of the line drawing for the cityscape and distant crowd that I was playing around with here. This fable was about a fox losing his tail and trying to convince all of the other foxes to cut off their tails so he wouldn’t be made fun of. The moral is: mauve doesn’t make a good underpainting.

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