Harness Horses, Bucking Broncos & Pit Ponies launch party!

This past weekend, Shelley and I celebrated the release of our latest book, Harness Horses, Bucking Broncos, and Pit Ponies: A History of Horse Breeds. We held a launch party in south Austin at Bethany Hegedus’s Writing Barn on Sunday afternoon. We had a great turnout and sold and signed many prints and books. There were autumn snacks and horsey games and crafts for the kids. Best of all, we had seven miniature horses come out for the kids to pet and feed watermelon to. Fun was had by all!

Some of the kids and one of the minis. Both kids and horses were adorable and had loads of fun together.

A couple of the minis finishing off watermelon slices. These adorable equines were so little that two of them arrived in the back of a mini-van! The horses were brought to our event courtesy of Minis and Friends, a charitable organization that trains minis to be therapy animals and takes them to visit with special needs people. Our launch was also a fund raiser for them.

The arts and craft table. The kids could do horse themed activity sheets, draw horses from my Drawing Horses book, or… just draw the horses wandering around the table!

The minis weren’t for riding, so we brought our daughter’s animatronic pony out for the kids to sit on. It does everything but walk around.

Caramel apples, pumpkin cupcakes, and smores whoopie pies were some of the autumnal treats we had for our guests.

Shelley and I busy signing copies of our books. Our launch was a big success! Now to get started on that history of cat breeds book…


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