Fantasy Illustrations and the Austin Comic Con

This past weekend, I participated in my first comic con. I had a table in the artists’ alley where I displayed not only my children’s books, but also my fantasy work that I’ve done over the years. I even had a few originals on exhibit that caught conventioneers’ interests. I thought I would share some of that work here.

Robo Billy

I did this piece to have another sci-fi painting in my portfolio. The only other two are a Star Wars/Sistine Chapel illo I did for the Village Voice and a Star Trek first episode image I did for the River Front Times. For this painting, I thought I’d do a mash up of rockabilly and robots: robobilly.

This painting, titled “Afrika”, drew a lot of attention at the con, not just because of the imagery, but also because of the rusty nails I hammered into the sides of the canvas to create a frame.

I created this painting last year after attending the Illustration Master Class in Amherst. Jeremy Jarvis was one of the guest instructors and after speaking with him, thought I’d do a sample piece to get some work for Wizards of the Coast.

I painted this for the Illustration Master Class. One of the assignments was to illustrate “Beauty and the Beast”. I chose to put a twist on that title and make a fun book cover image.

This is a painting I did a few years back for promo purposes. I had the original on display at the Con and a lot of people recognized it from when it was published in Spectrum.

I did pretty well at the event, selling several books and prints and even an original painting. Best of all, I met a lot of really talented artists and made some good connections. I would like to take a wack at the San Diego con this year and check out that circus.



4 thoughts on “Fantasy Illustrations and the Austin Comic Con

  1. Wicked stuff, Jeff. You are a 60th Level Illustration Wizard with a +12 Paintbrush of Awesomeness. Let me know if you plan to go to San Diego. I just saw that WonderCon is moving to Anaheim this year because the San Francisco venue is being renovated. Plan for SF in 2013!!!

  2. Tim: Thanks for the nerd praise! I would like to go to San Diego, but the deadline has passed for the Artist Alley applications and all they have is a wait list. I just might have to do SF 2013.

    Scott: Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the painting. I went and checked out your site. Cool work, both on the screen and in the dirt! We haven’t met through the Austin SCBWI have we?

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