Wiener Wolf F and Gs

I got the fold and gathers for Wiener Wolf today. The book looks great! I’m really happy with how it has come out. Some of the last minute changes didn’t make it into this version, but  I have been assured they’ll be in the book. Tamson Weston, the editor who acquired my manuscript, left Hyperion at the beginning of the year. Best of luck to her in her future endeavors! Tamson, I hardly knew ye. Kevin Lewis, the new editor I’m working with, dove right into Wiener Wolf and is the one who suggested some of the last minute changes. He seems like a great editor, one that is not only involved in my latest project, but is interested in developing my career. I look forward to working with him on many more books!

Question of the day: Is it okay to be blogging about editors? (Obviously, you want to keep it positive, but still, should names be named?)


4 thoughts on “Wiener Wolf F and Gs

    1. Thanks, Ethan! And thanks for all of your work on Shelley and my websites! I am very curious about your book on board games that you are trying to get published. We’ll be happy to work with you on it.


  1. We read it to our store dogs, Jackson and lolly, today as soon as it came in and they (we) loved it! the artwork is terrific. Laura Hansen, Bookin’ It, Little Falls, MN We’re IndieBound!

    1. Hi Laura! What a nice surprise your comment was! First of all, I didn’t know Hyperion was sending the Wiener Wolf f and gs out already. Do they send a copy to all book stores or just the edgy independents in scenic Midwestern towns? Second, you are the first non-relative/friend to comment on my newly formed blog. How did you find it? Google, I suppose.

      I’m glad Jackson and Lolly loved Wiener Wolf. Are they dogs of the wiener variety? More likely the wolf variety if they are from Minnesota. If they liked that book, then perhaps they should check out my other dog book, that I co-wrote/illustrated with my wife, Shelley Ann Jackson, called Little Lions, Bull Baiters, & Hunting Hounds: A History of Dog Breeds.

      If ever I’m in the Little Falls area, I’ll be sure to swing by Bookin It and sign a copy of Wiener Wolf for Jackson and Lolly. Your store sounds like a cozy and inviting place to shop for books.


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