Publisher’s Weekly Review of Wiener Wolf

I was surprised to find this review of my latest picture book, Wiener Wolf. For one thing, I didn’t know the advance copies were out there circulating already and for another, I wasn’t expecting such a nice review. I believe it is the first time a book of mine has been reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly. Here it is:

Crosby (Little Lions, Bull Baiters, & Hunting Hounds) turns in a tight, polished performance in this story of a dachshund that answers the call of the wild (and then redials). Crosby’s paintings display a thorough understanding of his hero’s boredom–and sense of adventure. Wiener Dog lies belly up in his dog bed, watching as Granny slops another can of wet dog food into his bowl; one can almost hear him groan. So when he runs away and befriends a pack of wolves, life seems ideal. “He had a new backyard and a new water dish and new squeaky toys,” Crosby writes as Wiener Dog runs through the forest, drinks from a stream, and tussles with adorable wolf cubs. Ideal, that is, until the climax of the wolves’ hunt; it occurs offstage, but is clearly bloody. “Yikes!” says Wiener Dog. Crosby employs an array of techniques in his visual storytelling, from the way Wiener Dog appears to run right out of spot illustrations to the hilarious contrast between the turtleneck sweater–wearing dog and the slavering wolves. This wiener’s a winner. Ages 4–7. (July)

5 thoughts on “Publisher’s Weekly Review of Wiener Wolf

    1. Thanks, Shelley! It certainly has been a lot of work. Hopefully it will payoff and launch my picture book career. The book party will have to go off with a bang! Adopt a wiener dog anyone? How about rescuing a wolf? Or how about just a wiener dog balloon animal? Hopefully everyone will be entertained by the reading and the activities.

  1. Congrats Jeff! That’s a great review. Wish I could be at the launch party… Hmmm, perhaps they should serve coctail wieners wrapped in little dough sweaters (instead of blankets). And, you should arrive at the party in the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!

    1. Thanks, Tim! I wish you could come down for the party too. It seems like you were a part of the making of Wiener Wolf, even though it was mostly done by the time we started up The White Binders. I’m definitely going to thank the Binders in the acknowledgments for The Rockabilly Goats Gruff. Of course, that’s IF it gets published. Hyperion finally passed on it after I worked on it for months with the editor. He championed the project, but none of the other editors, art directors, or the VP ever went for it. Sigh! Scott (agent) is still shopping it around.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Congratulations on a great review in PW. I love the phrase “this weiner’s a winner!’ That’s just too fun. I also enjoyed your comments about the conferences you attended. It’s true that many libraries are facing cutbacks and that really reduces the number of people sent to conferences. Schools seem to be in the same boat. But you were out there meeting people and sharing your books and that is terrific. Please keep us posted on Colorado visits and I’ll try to get a signing for you and Shelley.
    Best wishes,

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